Improved Towing Methods Used by Tow Truck Companies

You can hire a towing company to transport vehicles without any of them getting damaged in the process. Tow trucks have been around for nearly as long as there have been cars on the road. However, the methods for towing have evolved over the years. Early towing systems tend to use the hook or chains method that wrapped around an axle or a frame rail. Although some tow truck operators still use this technique in certain conditions, but they will employ other modern towing methods when performing their tasks.

Safer Modern Towing Methods

Wheel lifting device which can prevent damaging the vehicle compared to hook and chains towing. Because It will only touch the tires of the vehicle. The brackets are fitted behind or in front of the drive wheels of the car, and the wheels are cradled in between the brackets. However, this method requires the driver to be out of the truck to position the brackets and insert the pins to secure. An experienced operator will be able to do this in less than a minute.

Another improved lifting method is the integrated lift. This wheel-lift system allows the drive to be controlled it inside the tow truck . The lift comes with hydraulic power. A long arm, also known as a stinger, is extended out as the tow truck backs up to the targeted vehicle. The leading edge of the wheel cradle touches the tires, while the other side of the cradle slides below the vehicle, just past the tire. The brackets of the device can be closed using hydraulics, lifting the tires on from both sides. The boom is then lifted, and the drive wheels will come off the ground, after which the tow truck and pull away the vehicle.

The Popular Flatbed Towing Method

A flatbed tow truck employs cable to pull or winch car on to the ramp or flatbed. The ramp of the flatbed tow truck can be inclined at an angle, some even has the ability to turn sideways. The towed vehicle is placed onto the back of the tow truck and then level to horizontal position for transportation.

Loading each of your vehicles on a flatbed tow truck can also be done in a safe manner. The tow truck driver will park each vehicle in front of the ramp of the tow truck and back up so that the front tires can sit on the ramp. The front tires will be secured inside the brackets on the ramp before being lifted onto the flatbed. The towed vehicles will not roll off the tow truck because to the tires are being firmly secured with steel pins. The pins will prevent the tires from rotating while on the ramp of the flatbed tow truck.

Another good reason for using flatbed tow truck is its safety and security. As the vehicle is on the flatbed while transported, they will not come into contact with the ground or road. This means the lower parts of the vehicles won’t risk receiving damage. You will not worry about the rubber on the tires being dragged on the road, and the transmission of the vehicles will be safe too.

Not All Perfect

The downside of a flatbed towing is that they are not mobile or stealthy enough. It takes some time for the tow truck to raise the bed, and also the tow truck driver will need to ensure everything is secured; all this takes longer time. Compared to wheel lift towing, skillful operators can finish the job in less than few minutes. Another downside is that flatbed trucks are bigger in size, so in smaller spaces it will be difficult to maneuver around.

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Wheel Lift and Flatbed Towing

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