Wheel Lift Towing

Towing Truck Van Nuys provides towing services in various areas of Van Nuys; from major streets such as Lankershim Boulevard, Van Nuys Boulevard, Chandler Boulevard to notable location such as the Budweiser Beer plant.

At Towing Truck Van Nuys, we put your requests and towing needs before anything else. A wheel lift tow truck can lift the rear or front set of tires to carry your vehicle to your required destination.

Wheel Lift Towing


Benefits of Wheel Lift Tow Truck

Wheel lift towing is ideal for towing in narrow spaces, short distances and for light-duty towing. When your automobile has front or rear wheel drive, then wheel lift towing is suitable. We prevent damaging your automobile by putting brackets onto the wheels, which are later secured firmly with steel pins. The metal yoke strategically fits the rear or front wheels of the vehicle.

Other benefits of wheel lift towing includes:

– Hooking up the vehicle is efficient and fast, thus moving vehicles over a short distance is ideal.

– It is a more superior method compared to traditional hook and chain towing, which requires the chains to wrap around the axles of a disabled vehicle. The wheel lift method uses the metal yokes to elevate the tires, which lowers the chances of damage to the bumper and frame of the vehicle as compared to hook and chain towing.

Alternative Towing Method: Flatbed Towing

However, should you need to tow vehicles over long distances, wheel lift towing is not recommended. In this case, flatbed towing is the preferred choice, as it has both the security and stability to move over long distances. Flatbed towing is also recommended for towing 4-wheel-drive vehicles, as well as luxury and exotic cars, as it can keep the vehicles away from the surface, and make them less likely to be damaged by debris or objects on the road.

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Towing Truck Van Nuys provides quality towing services with a well-maintained fleet of tow trucks. Our tow trucks are fully equipped with the right equipment. We have the ability to move various types of vehicles, whether it is cars, motorcycles, trucks or others. Our team can manage them fast and effectively. We place a high emphasis on satisfying our customers, at the same time maintaining the safety of you and your vehicle.

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